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More to the Story: Conversations with refugees

More to the Story had its genesis in my unease with the negative, often politicised debate dehumanising refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. I wanted to go beyond the media reports, political speeches and statistics, as I was convinced there was more to the story. Over several years I conducted interviews with former refugees and asylum seekers from Burma, Afghanistan and South Sudan and uncovered powerful, moving and incredibly personal stories. All were forced to flee their home due to persecution and in fear for their lives. All were accepted as refugees in Australia, but some faced brutal detention because they came by boat seeking refuge.

Researching and writing this book was life changing for me. My hope is that those who read the book were better informed and that they continue to participate in the national conversation about the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. To find out more go to the More to the story facebook page and website .


The CEO, The Chairman and The Board

This authorised biography of Trevor Eastwood, the former CEO and Chairman of Wesfarmers, was published in 2009 by Hardie Grant. Trevor Eastwood made Wesfarmers bigger than anyone dreamed it could be. Under his leadership Wesfarmers was transformed from a relatively unknown farmers’ co-operative to a diverse corporation that ranked in the top 50 companies in Australia within eight years. This very Australian story traces Trevor's life as a boy from the Western Australian suburbs working his way up from the Wesfarmers shop floor to become an outstanding CEO and Chairman.


The Man who Turned the Lights on

This book, released in 2006 and subsequently translated into Chinese in 2007, is about one of Hong Kong's most powerful visionaries, Sir Gordon Wu – Chairman of Hopewell Holdings. It tells Wu’s story from his childhood in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong, through the Asian financial crisis to the founding of a new business dynasty.