Gordon Wu: The Man Who Turned the Lights On

The Man Who Turned The Light On Book CoverFrom the book's inside cover:

"Sir Gordon Ying Sheung Wu, Chairman of Hopewell Holdings, can be said to personify the driving ambition behind East Asia's rapid economic rise in the latter part of the 20th century and its dramatic collapse in 1997.

Today, Wu is one of Asia's best-known entrepreneurs and this book traces the birth of a family dynasty.  Beginning with the creation of the famous Hong Kong taxi service by Wu's father, the book recounts Gordon Wu's life as a small boy during the Second World War in Japanese occupied Hong Kong, through his university studies in the United States, his return to Hong Kong and the building of one of Asia's best-known companies.  He survived the 1997 financial crisis and has once again emerged as a major force in Asian infrastructure.

Wu saw huge potential in China years before most people.  He listened with keen anticipation to Deng Xiaoping's famous 'open door' economic policy address in 1978: the closed Middle Kingdom was opening its doors and inviting he world to come in.  Hopewell Holdings quickly became the largest single investor in China through a bold program of infrastructure creation.

Lauded as a visionary, famous for his outspoken views and dubbed as 'the man who turned the lights on' by former Philippine president Fidel Ramos, Wu is above all else a survivor.  Now in his seventies, he continues to be as innovative and controversial as ever."